Image of a Private DetectiveHiring a private investigator may not be something you would ever imagine you’d need to do, but when you do require professional investigation services, you will want to find a firm that you can trust to do expert work, while maintaining a high level of discretion. Wilson Investigations, LLC, is a Houston Private Investigator that provides a number of investigative services for businesses, individuals and legal professionals and performs their investigations with the highest level of confidentiality.

You might be surprised at all of the many reasons that people do hire a private detective. It doesn’t take much for an otherwise ordinary situation to turn into something that requires the use of a private investigator. For instance, you might be going through an ugly divorce and know that your estranged spouse is holding out on his assets so that he doesn’t have to pay his fair share of child support and alimony. A PI will get to the bottom of things and reveal what he’s been covering up, if anything.

Or, perhaps your spouse has been away on some mysterious business trips lately, but you suspect he’s really having an affair. Hiring a private investigator to find out where he’s really going and with whom he is spending his time can help you prove your case and get to the bottom of things. Life happens, and even though you never anticipate needing such services, you very well could find yourself in some scenario where you can benefit from the professional services offered by hiring an investigator.

Aside from issues involving infidelity, divorce, and custody matters, there are several other circumstances which can best be handled by a private investigator. The PI has access to services that the everyday citizen does not, such as electronic monitoring and surveillance skills and equipment.

A business might suspect that an employee is faking an injury to collect workman’s compensation for an accident that occurred on the job, yet, someone has spotted said individual out participating in physically demanding sports over the weekend. The company could then consider obtaining the services of a private investigator to monitor and record the activities of the employee and catch them performing activities which would violate their right to receive disability benefits.

Or let’s say you have a serious matter where you’re pretty sure you’re being stalked and fear for your personal safety. A private detective could either confirm your suspicions and figure out who it is, or they could determine that you really aren’t being stalked at all and put your mind at ease. These are still only a few good examples of why the average citizen might wish to hire a private investigator.

Advice for Hiring Private Investigators

It is important when considering hiring a PI, to make sure they are reputable and licensed. Make certain that the investigator you choose has adequate experience and a clean record. You will also want to pay close attention to his or her character and gauge how you feel about them after meeting with them. It is also highly recommended to meet with the investigator in person as opposed to only over the phone. If you are getting any negative vibes, you might want to look elsewhere, because the private investigator is someone who you will need to completely trust to handle your case.

Private investigators should also have a good understanding of human nature in general, and be prepared to provide evidence for their client that will stand up in court. The PI should also be willing to testify on the behalf of their client should the need arise. The private investigator should also be able to meet with you initially for a free consultation and then give you a clear estimate on how much they will charge for their services.


You just never know when the need to hire a private investigator may arise. Life can be going along rather smoothly when something unexpected happens that really puts a bump in the road for you. This is why choosing a qualified, reputable private investigator is important when having to deal with such matters. Private investigators can also be involved in happy events, such as locating a long lost relative or missing person. In many cases, the services of the PI can save the client both time and money, while bringing resolution to their life and in some cases, providing peace of mind. While you may never require the services of a private investigator, it’s comforting to know they are there and ready, willing, and able to help should the need arise.